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Wing And Hollow

The Future of Acoustic Rock

I may have stumbled upon the EP of the year. If the Wing and Hollow release of North of Nowhere is any indication of what’s out there, then the independent music community may have plenty of hope. This acoustic duo has put together a masterpiece collection of songs that tell a story of the thin lines between serenity, despair, and hope.

First off, Haven Lamourex’s guitar style has so much personality that it takes a life of it’s own. The 60’s and 70’s folk stands out, but seems to reach another level of rhythmic passion. Jill Lamourex’s vocals are breathtaking and will guide your heart into places that you never knew existed. I felt some cross between classic opera, ballad melancholy, and folk acoustic soul.

As far as the lyrics, “North of Nowhere” was written to drive hope-filled emotions to a serene destination, on a one-way speed train. My major point for even writing this review, is the harmonious mix of music, vocals, songwriting, and production (even down to the selection of songs and song order).

I would definitely have to say that “North of Nowhere” has touched me emotionally. Wing and Hollow has created a product that gives my view of the hope for independent music, a fresh new outlook. All in all, this is an EP worth purchasing.