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Ryan M. Brewer

The singer-songwriter has been busy since our last chat.

Listening to Ryan M. Brewer is truly a breath of fresh air for music. His stories touch the soul and his voice invites you in for more. Trails is an excellent concept album. Each song has the strength to stand alone, yet tell a tale, as you explore the songs one after the other.

"Two Cents" soothes you into the rest of the album, giving us the intelligent word-play that Ryan's audience have come to recognize him for as a songwriter.

"Numbers and Names", "Pretty Girls Everywhere", and "Tear The World Apart" are rhythm-driven songs that might make you want to sing them as soon as you learn the words.

We are particularly proud of Ryan for producing a more pop-driven song, that still captures the essence of who he is as a performer in "What You Mad About".

If you have not heard this album yet, you should definitely give Trails a listen. Then go back and check out his other EPs/albums.

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