IMM Web Edition

The Loose Hinges

Diverse in musical talent and creativity

There is a lot to be said about a band that can think outside of the box, fuse multiple genres, and yet create a cohesive experience for their listeners. The band Loose Hinges cannot be pigeon-holed and may very well be the band that can honestly create in any genre you sling at them. The duo of Eliot Houser and Kris McCarthy Houser offer a little something for everyone. Kris' vocals are attractive and appealing. Eliot's instrumental accompaniments are rhythmic and compelling.

Their song "Mrs. Lackey" sounds like a mafia family theme song and gives the feeling of watching a Martin Scorcese film. "Why Waste It" gives the feeling of a drive along a beach-side road with the top down , as the breeze brushes against your face. The song "Every Little Word" has the old-school jazz club feel with smooth horn accents that complement the softness of Kris' vocal delivery. The song "Nothing's Permanent" is a combination of classic, blues-filled, girl-power rock that makes you feel like taking on the world.

It seems that the duo, Loose Hinges, have struck the musical balance of eclectic songwriting and mass appeal. They are definitely worth a listen.

For more info about Loose Hinges, check out their website.

To order the album Nothing's Permanent, check their BandCamp page.

Thanks to Janet Hansen at Scout 66 PR for the press release