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With a new LP, the band Sales are ready to rule the world.

Lo-Fi indie pop duo SALES has finally released their first full length album, appropriately titled SALES LP, two years after the release of their first and only EP. The pair, hailing from Orlando, Florida, is consisted of guitarist and vocalist Lauren Morgan and guitarist and producer Jordan Shih. The long-awaited album features the mellow, minimalistic pop songs that fans have adored since their 2014 release of SALES EP, but this time their growth as musicians has skyrocketed them into possibly having the best indie release of the year.

Three songs were previously released as singles, but track number seven, Trapped In A Club, stuck out to us the most. Although it's one of the shortest and possibly most underrated songs on the album, it made a deep impression. The quality of this performance and production is impeccable. As with all of the other songs on the album, it couples beautiful guitar with a drum beat behind Morgan's beautifully unique vocals and the lyrics are painfully relatable.

"The floor is all wet with their delusion. I'm trapped in a club, 'Help get me out please," sings Morgan over the somber yet fast-paced track. Many people can relate to feeling trapped and not enjoying what is supposed to be the fun environment of a club, and that feeling is executed beautifully with their songwriting.

The simplicity of the song is what is mind-boggling. The minimalistic qualities of the song do not deduct from the overall quality, what SALES lacks in extravagant production and multi-instrumental presence, they make up with their talent and ear for creating simple songs with complex meanings.

To order the album Sales LP, check their BandCamp page.