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The Relevant Elephants

Kick-Ass Party Music and more.

Ultra-popular forum website Reddit has changed the lives of Boston-based band The Relevant Elephants forever. Zack Hankins, band member alongside Adam Khalil, Mack Suhre and Drew Lucas, shared the band's album on the website saying, "My band finished its first album about a week ago, took us a year and thousands of dollars we don't really have, so it's definitely the biggest thing I've done." What seemed to be a simple attempt at a few song plays turned into Relevant Elephants blowing up on the internet. Now featured on an official Spotify playlist, making over $1500 in album sales in less than a week, and having a growing fanbase, Relevant Elephants have proven their worthiness of a spot on the playlists of rock-and-roll lovers young and old alike.

Track number three on their debut album Paper Walls, titled Starving Artist is a catchy and clever tune that proves not only their technical abilities, but their songwriting skills as well. Charming and clever rhymes such as "I met this new chick, she's wicked smart. Majors in physics, minors in art" are sprinkled throughout the song, making listeners feel like they really know these guys. Their punchy and personable lyrics over what their Facebook page describes as "kick-ass party music" makes Starving Artist a light-hearted song that rocks hard.

On their official website, it reads, "Drawing comparisons to alt rock bands of the 90's, and with guitar riffs inspired by classic rock acts like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, The Relevant Elephants offer a distinct sound that truly stands out in today's musical landscape." This could not be more true. This band, album, and the song "Starving Artist" is all wonderful. No matter what anyone says, rock-and-roll is not dead. It lives on within The Relevant Elephants.