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Releasing multiple albums a year.

Not many musicians can release one album a year, let alone multiple albums a year. Chicago native Shawn Rosenblatt, better known as Netherfriends, just released his fifth album of 2016 and it's only May. This does not take away from the impeccable quality of his music, however. Scrapers, a 17 track journey into the wild and weird world of Rosenblatt's mind, is described as a soundtrack for a movie of the same name. It features strong electronic and indie rock influences, with song The Vantz sticking out quite a bit, especially as the weather gets warmer.

The album is full of predominantly electronically-based instrumental songs, with The Vantz as a refreshing upbeat tune positioned towards the end of the LP. Using his own beats with many acoustic elements and lo-fi surf rock influences, Netherfriends has orchestrated the perfect song for this summer. Guitars with glitchy chords and a tuneful melody creates this happy, summery tune that will fill you with nostalgia.

The song's introduction, while extremely brief, is soft and rhythmic, leading into the punchy remainder of the song, a homemade beat looped behind multiple instruments, guitar being the most prominent one. The song is a nice length, is arranged well and never feels repetitive. Fast paced yet relaxing, The Vantz sounds and feels like a beautiful day at the beach.