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Volary's Final Album

A new full-length record of the late singer-songwriter's previously unreleased material with MagikMagik Orchestra on 180g Vinyl.

"The Light" is a musical journey comprised of 13 tracks, each crafted and put in place with purpose to complete the the listener's trip along the arc of the album.

The final album is a powerful emotional journey through a complex musical landscape that bridges rock, classical, and environmental music - a truly unique work that reflects the complexity of life, death, suffering, and hope. It mirrors the complexity that resides within the soul of an artist struggling creatively and physically with the largest of questions.

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While all the songs you'll hear on this album were written and performed by Samantha, it could never have been realized without the heartfelt contributions of a large number of incredibly talented individuals. Producer and engineer Laura Dean, music director, conductor and pianist Minna Choi, drummer and percussionist Jason Slota, bassist Jamie Riotto, guitarist extraordinaire Matthew Heulitt, B3 tamer Wil Blades, Tiny Telephone Studio master and vinyl wizard John Vanderslice, violinists Liana Berube, Stephanie Bibbo, Alisa Rose, and Philip Brezina, violists Jory Fankuchenn and Elyse Ader, cellists Michelle Kwon and Erin Wang, trumpet player John Freeman, horn player Alex Camphouse, trombone & tuba player Ryan Black, oboist Jesse Barrett, clarinetist Natalie Parker, and flautist Jennifer. Piper Payne and Michael Romanowski of Coast Mastering who made sure the vinyl sounds the way it should.