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Cooper Phillip

It has been a long time since so much excitement has circulated around an independent artist .

Cooper Phillip has entered the arena to give the industry what it is lacking these days. True talent. Her latest release, Party By Myself, draws you in from the very first sound and builds thereafter. It has a mix of songwriting that celebrates the ability to enjoy life on your own terms with the musical cadence of the ultimate dance song.

The beat drives the song with a heart-pumping rhythm that is worthy of standing tall on its own. The strength of the melody fills in the gaps of the rhythm, yet leaving room for the well-arranged transitions that occur throughout the song.

The vocals on this track are warm and appealing. Cooper Phillip expresses clear emotions within her vocal delivery. The accompaniment of every instrument is creative and balanced. Even the tempo possesses the tenacity to keep the casual listener interested.

It's hard to imagine this caliber of talent being hidden for too much longer. Cooper Phillip gives an "out of this world" performance on her song, Party By Myself. Give it a listen and you will see for yourself.

For more info about Cooper Phillip, check out her website.

To listen to Party By Myself, check her Spotify page.