IMM Web Edition

2018: Happy New Year !

Our advice and resources for a productive year in the music industry.

As another year passes and the time comes for us to make plans to be more successful than the year before, we acknowledge the changes that have changed the landscape of what it means to make a productive life in the music industry.

First and foremost, we need to get rid of the distractions and useless information, in order to make way for new habits that will help us reach our goals.

So we have a list of resources that we recommend, going into the new year.Because we still believe in a healthy ecosystem for the independent music industry to thrive. So without further ado, here is a list of resources that we follow and trust:

1) Indie Music Bus
Music Promotions

2) Ariel Hyatt
Music PR

3) Cari Cole
Vocal Coach/Music Biz Mentor

4) Debra Russell
Certified Business Coach

5) Madalyn Sklar
Twitter Marketing Pro